The Pioneers

The Pioneers

Indubhai Patel

Born on 14th November 1921, Mr. Indubhai Patel is a pioneer who played the most magnificent part towards the foundation of this trust. He is considered as chief person who made a promising contribution to medical institution by managing this trust since inception. The first managing trustee of the hospital, Shri. Indubhai Patel has miraculously set a benchmark of best hospital management.

Chairperson of Sayaji Iron and, Indubhai Patel as an energetic entrepreneur took this trust to a new heights. In his tenure as a Managing Trustee, he has channelized the best synergy of philanthropy and charity towards medical care. He also established Shram Mandir for the welfare and medical services of people suffering from leprosy.

He also served as an active member of federation of Gujarat Mills and Industries, Industrial Employer Union, Baroda Citizen Council, United Way of Baroda (UWay)

A strong supporter of wildlife, environment and animals, he had served as President of Society for Clean Environment as well as Vice president of Society for prevention of cruelty of Animals (SPCA) and an active member of Green Baroda. He has awarded with ‘Rolex Award for Excellence’ by the Swiss Federation.

Lalitchandra Patel

Shri Lalitchandra Patel was a son an influential freedom fighter, Shri. Maganbhai Patel. He had inherited the passion to serve the human kind and an ardent patriotic. A businessman in himself, he has also served as Mayor of Vadodara City and permanent member of Vadodara Municipal Corporation.

He served as a managing trustee and efficiently shouldered responsibilities of Narhari Hospital, Vadodara and Vadodara Jilla Co-operative Bank etc.