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The Inspiration Towards Foundation Of Narhari Hospital

His Holiness Saint Shree Narhari Maharaj Shashtriji also known as ‘Shashtriji’ and ‘Bapuji’ was the inspiration towards the stepping stone of this medical institution. Also known as ‘Shashtriji’ and ‘Bapuji’, Shree Narhari Maharaj has gained immense honour amongst the Vaishnavas by devoting his life towards the social, spiritual and medical well being of the community as a whole. Born in a spiritual and pious family, his holiness has his roots from Maharashtra.

Shree Narhari Maharaj always aspired towards a formulation of a medical centre of its own kind which provides all the health care facilities towards the needy section of the society under one roof and to shape his desire into a reality, Shree 108 Goswami Indirabetiji being his ardent disciple founded the Narhari Nidaan Kendra.

Considering the honest and humane virtue of serving the community towards the rampant health issues, since its inception, various eminent doctors impelled towards joining of this Institution and continued to provide the matchless healthcare experience towards all the strata of the society across all the regions. The subsequent response towards Narhari Nidaan Kendra was overwhelming which led to the transition of Narhari Nidaan Kendra to Narhari Arogya Kendra profoundly known as Narhari Hospital in order to cater all the healthcare benefits to all the masses.

In order to run the hospital to a huge potential, a trust was created for the hospital, which is known as Shree Narhari Manav Kalyan Trust.

One amongst all, Shree Narhari Maharaj will always be known for being a great visionary who laid the foundation of this hospital as well as a spiritual leader.